Decay on Campus

In Computers, Poverty on August 21, 2007 at 8:17 pm

I got a call today from my best friend, Paul Klein, who recently moved to DC to attend American University. He visited a local middle-school to help clean up in the days before classes begin. I was surprised to find that it had impacted him as much as it did. His voice shuddered as he described the decay on campus: a burnt out locker, charred with ash, still as dirty as it was 2 months ago when school let out; mold, encrusted to the walls. He cleaned out a storage room and found an unopened package for Mac OS 7. OS 7 has been discontinued for a decade now, so what was it’s purpose there? I hope it wasn’t still being used because I’m not even sure if OS 7 can connect to the internet.This is just an example of some schools that lack even basic funding. At Emerald Ridge (the high school I attended) we had so many computers that we were storing them in the mezzanine above the project areas! Now why couldn’t ER donate these computers to another school? I’m sure there’s no real reason, just red tape.Paul told me that he can’t just stand by and do nothing, so he went to Best Buy, bought a camera, and is going to make a short documentary to show what the condition of the school. Lucky for him that he is going to school to be a filmmaker, so this falls right in line with what he wants to do. And lucky for him that I’m going to be much closer to our old high school. I’m going to try to get it shown at Emerald Ridge and see if we could get ER to adopt that middle school. There’s no reason that we should have too many computers, and they too few.


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