Economic Development in Terms of Medicine

In Development, Economy, Poverty on August 27, 2007 at 3:23 am

I’ve been thinking about Africa a lot lately, and most recently in terms of medicine. I’ve been dreaming up an idea of an organization that I would like to establish. It’s a business/organization hybrid, but it is founded on a business-like model. The organization invests in a community in return for labor from the citizens of that community. The profit (if any) would cycle back into the company to fund projects and other needed services. Here is the basic idea for my business/organization (from now on I will refer to it as an organization):

The organization builds houses, hospitals, schools, banks, roads, any infrastructure needed by the community.

The citizens buy a house from the organization (but must pay off the zero-interest mortgage) and work at the organization until the mortgage is paid-in-full.

In compensation for working at the organization, the employee receives healthcare for their family, schooling for their children, and a salary. The salary will be enough to pay for food, water, clothing, anything they need. Anything left over will go towards the mortgage, and savings.

Once the employee has paid off the remainder of the mortgage they will no longer be obligated to work for the organization any further.

Employees (or former-employees) that wish to start their own business can apply for a micro-loan. Upon approval, the organization will work with the entrepreneur to develop a business plan, find a location, build the business, and turn a profit. The entrepreneur can apply for a larger micro-loan later if they wish to expand their business. The business owner must pay back all ero-interest loans and invest a percentage in the revolving-fund-micro-loan system. I replicated the micro-loan system that World Vision uses because I think it is a perfect system for encouraging business growth.

Also, the organization will set up a scholarship for the top students that will pay for all, or the majority, of tuition to a university. This is on the condition that they return to the community and try to apply their degree there. If they become doctors, then they will work in the hospital; if the are engineers, then they will work on developing the community, and surrounding communities; etc…

But the whole point of the organization is to leave once the community can sustain itself. This is when I began thinking of it in medical terms.

When a body is damaged and has lost a substantial amount of blood, the body’s natural healing system is mostly useless. Blood is a vital aspect of the healing system: without it no nutrients can reach the damaged parts, and no healing can occur.

My organization would act in the same way as a blood transfusion. It would help support the natural healing system and function in place of the original blood. Once the body is healthy enough it would begin to replace the foreign blood with it’s own and sustain itself.

That is the goal of my organization: to promote and enable economic growth in developing nations.

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear criticisms and praises alike!

  1. This is a great idea Jaryd and something that I know that you are passionate about. I know that with your drive, dedication and the leading of the Holy Spirit you can accomblish this.


  2. i dont get dis, jaryd. dis make no sense? mIcRo-LoAn? U shUrE iZ sMaRt! bUt nUn o yO wOrDs mAkE seNsE? whY iS uR OrGaNiZaTiOn bLoOdY? thAt’S grOsS JaRyD!

    Okay I’m done. Just mocking you because you think I’m stupid, haha. I really do think it’s a good idea though, and if you apply yourself I think you can do it. I think the problem over there is that countries are receiving aid but not receiving the gift of self-sufficiency, and this will force people to realize how to start giving back to the community (at least in a more modern way).

    U iZ gOiNg 2 sAvE dA wUrLd!

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