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In Philanthropy on November 8, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Operation Christmas ChildHey everyone. Sorry about my lack of posts over the last two weeks. I’ve been very busy with school (studying and doing homework, my mother will be happy to know).

I hope some of you tried out the game I mentioned in my last post. In case you didn’t, you should. Ayiti: The Cost of Life. It is very entertaining, and puts a new perspective on impoverished nations. I recommend giving it a whirl.

I also recommend checking out the One Laptop Per Child project. It has amazing potential, and with enough support, could start eliminating the appallingly severe wealth and education gave that has a stranglehold in some countries.

Here is my specific request to you, my readers. I know it is a bit early, but this Christmas, as a present for your favorite son/nephew/grandson, instead of spending money on me, spend it on someone who really could use a Christmas miracle. Donate what you would spend on me to World Vision, or donate a laptop from the OLPC project to a child in real need. Or buy a bed net or two (or more) for Africans at Malaria No More, a great organization dedicated to ridding Africa of malaria. Or how about donating my Christmas gift to Habitat for Humanity. Or better yet, donate some time to a build day with Habitat, or volunteer to work at the Habitat ReStore in Tacoma. Or donate money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. St. Jude is an amazing facility that provides FREE treatment for children with catastrophic illnesses.

Any and all of these ways would be a great way to spend your time or money on. And one last request for a Christmas gift, remember to pray for these organizations and the people they help! Everyone of these organizations are carrying out God’s will, whether they know it or not.

I have it pretty well off. I’m in a great school, I have a family that I love with very ounce of my being, I’m happy, I’m healthy, and most of all I have a future, which is not something that can be said about many people in the world today. So instead of giving me just a little bit more of what I already have, we should give that same little bit that will be everything to a person with nothing.

Believe me, it’s not as if I don’t appreciate your gifts. I would love a few choice gifts from the family that I love, but I have pretty much everything I need, and more. Actually, there is one thing I would like. If you choose to donate your time or money instead of a Christmas present for me, I would love for you all to tell me what you did! There are so many ways that you can make miracles happen, and I would love to know how each of you did it.

Knowing that there are a few happier and healthier people in the world be the best Christmas present I could ask for.


PS Don’t forget Operation Christmas Child!

  1. Jaryd,
    That’s an awesome idea. You are such a giving young man. It makes me so proud as your mother to see you doing all the things you are doing to help other people. You also have such a gift to write. I am amazed everytime I read something you have written. You are wise beyond your years young man and I love you very much. I can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving.
    Love, Mom

  2. Jaryd, your suggestion to donate your Christmas gift to a charity is a great idea and one I know that you believe in with all of your heart. Your passion to help the less fortunate is an inspiration to all of us. As I told mom the other night on the way home from dinner as we were talking about you, Brandon and Megan, “Damn I’m proud of my family!” And that includes mom as well. I thank God for all of you everyday.

    See you at Thanksgiving.

    Love Dad

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard/seen your dad swear before. That means he means it.

    I’ll be sure to donate something to a charity in your name. Keep it up, Jaryd. You’ve done so much, and I’m very proud to call you my friend. Please continue to help those in need – people like you make the world go ’round.


  4. YEAH! Go J-Rad!! What a great idea. I am pretty sure that you are going to be the President someday and I am sure going to vote for you! Mad for change…Mad for a cure…Mad for Africa…I can see it now… Madlena changes the world! Way to be!

  5. Jaryd,

    You are such an amazing man. I’m so proud of you for all your hard work and dedication you put into the things that mean so much to you. I brag to everybody how you started the Habitat for Humanity at your school that is so cool!!! Your parents should be so proud of you and themselves cuz they raised 2 smart, caring, successful wonderful boys. Keep up the great work ya little stud.

    A very proud
    Aunty Jenny 🙂

  6. God is really working in you life Jaryd. We are so proud of how you are working to help others. God has given you such a loving caring heart, and we know He will bless you. Keep up the good work. We love you. Nana&Papa

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