Bonner Leaders Program

In Bonner Leaders Program, Whitworth on December 1, 2007 at 3:22 pm

Here at Whitworth we have a program that rewards community service called the Bonner Leaders Program.  It is funded through AmeriCorps, and provides students with money to pay for educational expenses.  I am going to be applying for this program, and would like to request some prayer on this.  If I get into it I would probably not get a job and devote my extra time to serving.  I’m worried about the amount of money I would get, but I’m hoping it is enough to start paying off my tuition.  At $20,000+ a year, I could sure use it.  Please pray that I get accepted, if it’s God’s will. 

  1. We will be praying about this for you, and sure hope you get somewhere with it. Would you still beable to work part time and do this? Let us know how it goes. Love, Nana and Papa

  2. Hey buddy, I hope this works out for you. This will be a great opportunity for you to do what you love to do. Keep it up!

  3. I hope you got into the program, I just found out I did, but I’m not sure about those 20k…is it a guarantee that we will get them? What I found on the web says that it offers $1000 scholarship…

  4. Hi Emily, I just wanted to clarify that the $20,000 I was referring to in this post was my tuition, not any sort of compensation I would receive for enrolling in the Bonner Leaders Program.

    Sorry for any confusion,


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