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I was listening to a World Vision Report podcast just now and I heard an interview with Susie Krabacher, a former Playboy Playmate turned humanitarian, founder of the Mercy and Sharing Foundation. She discussed the difficulties of her childhood and how they have formed her into the person she is today. She is an amazing woman, and I would encourage you all to listen to the interview with her. Let me know if you would like me to email it to you. On the Mercy and Sharing site I found something horrible. Something absurd, something unjust, something disgusting, repulsing, infuriating, something inhumane, something sick something twisted something incomprehensible something… common.

The following slideshow has some intense images, but I encourge every reader that comes across this post to journey out of their comfort zone and into the world. The real world outside of our nice little bubble. Outside of Whitworth, outside of Spokane, outside of Puyallup, of Washington, outside of the United States of America. It’s horrible, and it’s real: it’s our world.

Mercy and Sharing Foundation Slideshow

I have only one thing to say: Jesus did not sacrifice His life for this.

Update: I have misplaced the interview and am having some trouble locating it. I do know that the interview can be found on this World Vision Radio Archive page. Thanks for your interest in the interview.

  1. You’re right Jaryd, those pictures were horrible. Send me the interview with her, I want to hear it. Next time we talk lets discuss your last comment.

    Love Dad

  2. Jaryd, I just watched the slideshow and I was shocked and deeply moved by what I saw. I agree with your statements entirely. Beyond that I am somewhat at a loss for words.


    Papa Ihlen

  3. Don’t let the weight of the world hold you down, Jaryd. People like you can change a lot. I believe in you, and I know you’ll be able to help children like these the world over.

  4. Oh my gosh how horrible!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for making me cry Jaryd 🙂 but I’m glad I saw the pics it makes me realize just how fortunate we really are in this country and I definetly want to send a donation or do something. Even though it was horrific and soooo disturbing thank you for sharing it. Keep up the great work. You’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree – Susie’s story is very compelling and speaks volumes about the real possibilities. I had the chance to interview her and learn more about what she’s doing in Haiti. To read more, check it out at http://caglepost.com/column/Martha+Randolph+Carr/5228/Haiti+Needs+Best+Friends.html

  6. I just finished her book and would love to read the interview. My daughter has been to Haiti twice, working at two different missions and plans to return again this summer. She is in the beginning stages of adopting a little girl from one of the orphanages, knowing the journey will be long, if at all. Prayerfully, my husband and I will one day accompany her.

  7. Dear Mr Jaryd,
    It’s an honest truth about poor children in Haiti. Congratulations for posting this article about Mercy and Sharing. May God watch over this organization and bless the Founders, the Partners , Donators, the children and all the workers, employees of Mercy and Sharing.According to the will of God and the Founders, I am willing to teach Bible classes with the Children via Vacation Bible School and others christian education events.
    God bless

  8. Jaryd,
    I have been a follower of Susies for many years and also a contributer to Mercy & Sharing. She is one incredible person and everyone should read her book. Can you please send me the interview link? Thanks.


  9. Hi Steve, I’m sorry to say that I have misplaced the interview, and cannot recall the exact date of the World Vision podcast that I heard it on. I do know that you can find the interview regarding Susie Krabacher on this World Vision Radio Archive page: http://www.worldvision.org/worldvision/radio.nsf/stable/wvradio_archives

    I’m sorry that I can’t help you further!


  10. I would appreciate you sending me the interview. Thank you.

  11. Hi Susie and her husband Joe are a stable part of our home town church. They are an unbelievable pair. Threw all of Susies own personal pain she has been able to make something good out of it. God has given her his children and she and Joe love them all with every part of there being. It is not an easy task and sadly many childeren do not make it.. but they know they were loved here on earth before they were taken to heaven to be with our king, our Father, our God. Joe and Susie put everything they have into taking care of what God has given them, the most precious gift of all… his children. God has blessed this couple, and these children more than anyone can imagine.

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