Habitat Fundraiser

In Fundraiser, Habitat for Humanity, Whitworth on February 18, 2008 at 12:16 am

On Wednesday we had a cookie decorating party to raise some money for Habitat for Humanity Whitworth. We spent $36 to buy the cookie dough, sprinkles, napkins and other miscellaneous items. We sold each cookie for a dollar, and managed to raise $30. Not bad for pretty much no planning.

For the next fundraiser I was thinking of having a Pool (or Billiards, if you prefer as I do) Tournament. Almost no overhead, and all profit. We’ll charge $5 to sign up, each contestant will play a couple of games and then the winner will get some kind of prize. I think that will make a lot more money than the cookie thing. Here’s to hoping!

  1. Sounds like fun, hope you make a lot of money for a good cause. Love, Nana

  2. Did you profit $30, or were you in the red $6? Either way, you made the initiative, and that’s great. More than I can say for myself sometimes. Keep up the great work, buddy.


  3. That’s awesome Jaryd! I bet the pool idea would make some good money.
    Love, Mom

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