Ideo Big Questions

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2008 at 5:21 pm

I came across this cool website where you can submit your biggest questions that you would like to ask.

From the website:

“Designers begin by asking questions

It’s how we address some of the biggest, most complex challenges facing people and organizations today. This year, in keeping with the 2008 TED conference theme, IDEO posed a series of questions to TED attendees. Broad-ranging and widely relevant, these queries represent themes that inspire and inform our work at IDEO.”

I would encourage you all to visit Ideo Big Questions to submit your own, or download a Big Questions widget for Mac OS X or Windows Vista. Who knows, your question might be displayed for 1000’s of people to see!

  1. If any of your readers are interested in contributing to a site where a group of us answer the IDEO Big Questions every day, be sure to check out http://bigquestionsanswered.com

    It’s a fun little project, and we’re looking for a diversity in answers.

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