Pangea Day

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On May 10th, 2008 the Pangea Day will take place in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro.  What exactly is Pangea Day?  From the site:

Pangea Day is a global event bringing the world together through film.

Why? In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference, and conflict, it’s easy to lose sight of what we all have in common. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that – to help people see themselves in others – through the power of film.

Pangea Day is a 4 hour, world-wide, live event showcasing 24 films from around the world striving to highlight the commonalities that we all share.

What’s the point of Pangea Day?  What happens afterward?  From the site:

People inspired by Pangea Day will have the opportunity to participate in community-building activities around the world. Through the live program, the Pangea Day web site, and self-organized local events, everyday people will be connected with extraordinary activists and organizations.

Many of the films and performances seen on Pangea Day will be made available on the Web and via mobile phone, alongside open forums for discussion and ideas for how to take social action.

A Pangea Day documentary will be created to catalyze future activities, and dozens of talented filmmakers will make strides in their careers.

Seems a bit optimistic, or even naive, right?  While I agree that Pangea Day won’t singlehandedly foster peace throughout the world, I still love the idea.  I know the power of film firsthand.

I’ve felt it the first time I saw the Invisible Children movie.  I’ve felt it when I saw the Mercy and Sharing Foundation Slideshow.  I’ve felt the power that images have over us; I’ve cried for countless hours because of it.  There is no denying the dominance that films have over us, and the power it can unleash within us.

Pangea Day might not change the world, but someone who experiences it just might.

  1. And they ask me why film is so important.

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