mideals.com (my ideals + deals)

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In short, mideals.com is an internet startup I’m working on.  And by working on I mean thinking about.  Here’s the long and short of it:

Users will create a profile and rank the characteristics of a product or company that are important to them such as: cost, environmental impact of the product and production, consumer health, manufacturer health (workers), animal-testing, wages earned by the workers, costumer satisfaction, organic (for food), the organizations that the company supports, and others.

Once users have picked what is more important to them (their ideals), they search for products that they want, and mideals returns the products that best fit their ideals (the deals).  A portion of the sale would go to an organization of their choice.

The difficult part would be finding he information on products and companies, and then aggregating them into an easily searchable and relatable database.  Another part that would the costumer ratings.  Users would be able to rate different products and companies based on their experiences, and the reviews would have a weight in the overall rating of the companies.

Think of it as amazon, but you tell us what is important to you and we find products that match your beliefs.


A user wants to buy a book from a reseller that supports breast cancer research.  They can set that to be their highest ideal in their profile, or at the time of the search.  We look up the book and find organizations that support any organization that researches breast cancer, and then display the reseller that has the lowest price.  The user buys a book for $25, $23 goes to the reseller – who, in turn, supports the breast cancer organization – and then $1 goes to an organization from us, and $1 to us.

I know this all really rough, but I thought I would put it out there for you to consider and give me some constructive criticism.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Oh, I almost forgot, the motto!  The most important part.  I have a couple, so let me know which you think is best.


  • Your Ideals, Our Deals (sounds too similar)
  • Your Ideals, Materialized
  • Your Stuff, Your Ideals
  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Money, meet Mouth


I think the last one is pretty funny, but not sure how it would do as a slogan.  Actually, I really like ‘Money, meet mouth.’  It’s a little clever, so it is not obvious, but funny once you understand the reference.

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