Extremely Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

In Development, Poverty, Video on October 5, 2008 at 3:39 pm

Please take the time to watch this short video about XDRTB. You can watch the video at the official website and learn more about this pandemic, or watch the clip below. As humans, we can’t take action on every issue that impacts the world; we tend to focus on things that hit closer to home. It makes sense, it’s human nature. But I feel the least we can do is at least know that it is happening. This is the same idea that the creators of Invisible Children had: to spread the knowledge of it. For no one to know that a tragedy has happened makes it more difficult for healing to begin. So let us know the pain, know the faces of suffering, that our brothers and sisters are going through all over the world.

Warning: There are graphic images in the following video.


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