The Garland Theater

In Blessing, Milestone, Work on March 15, 2009 at 12:50 pm

I’m sure many of you have heard that I recently got a job at the Garland Theater, a local sub-run theater – meaning that we show movies after their initial release but before they reach DVD. It is locally and independently owned, and is pretty much as small as a theater can get: one screen. I’m really enjoying it there. The people are great, and the work goes by pretty fast. Much faster than at Party City, for sure.

So I am finally making some money again, on top of my little bit of work-study I get from the school.

Also, I’ve figured out my housing situation for next year! I am going to live off campus in a brand new house with some great guys. It’s going to be so much better than living on campus. And it is actually cheaper than living on campus. So, bonus!

  1. I’m glad that your are enjoying your new job and making some money. It’s alos good to see you upatig your blog again. Mom and I are looking forward to seeeing you during spring break.

    Love Dad

  2. I found your theater’s website and took a look around. It looks very cool and the history behind it is really interesting. Maybe the next time Mom and I visit we can take in a movie, your treat of course.


  3. Jaryd,
    I’m glad to see that you’re updating this again. I’ve missed it. Can’t wait to see you on Friday. I’ve missed you. Love you.

  4. Hi Jaryd,
    I’m so glad you got that job, sounds like you really like it. Can’t wait to see you next week and hear more about it. Have a safe trip home.
    Love you, Nana and Papa

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