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Wrapping Up

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As you can tell, I will no longer be updating Teach a Man to Fish. It was something that helped shape my in the past two years, and it’s something that has been eminently beneficial for me. I would like to thank everyone who stopped by this blog to read my thoughts and share their own. I am very grateful for everything! If I start posting on this blog, or another, I will let you know here.





Prayer for a Friend

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2009 at 11:24 pm

Hey everyone. It’s been a very long time since I posted anything, so that must mean that something pretty important got my attention. It did. One of my friends here at Whitworth knows a six year old boy that has an Ewing’s Sarcoma tumor on his pelvis. She has babysat Coleson since he was just a baby, so she knows him pretty well. I’m going to keep this short and just request that anyone who see’s this please head over to his CaringBridge blog (requires a short sign up to view) and read his story, maybe sign his guest book, but mostly PRAY! Just pray like crazy for this little boy who needs all the help he can get to fight this disease. And another step you can take to potentially help Coleson is sign up to be a bone marrow donor! He may need to receive a bone marrow transplant soon, so every person that signs up directly increases his chances of finding a match.

Any step you take to help Coleson would be amazing, but please pray for him most of all.


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I registered for the national bone marrow database a month or two ago when I went to donate blood. Super easy: swabbed my cheek a few times and bingo, someone has another shot at life.

The odds are narrow that I will be matched, and I know it will hurt when they are taking the marrow, but something so small can totally turn someone’s life around. I don’t know how I would feel about myself if I didn’t do this.

Interpersonal Communication Assignment

In Uncategorized on September 17, 2008 at 12:58 am

Hello again! It has been a while since I last posted; school is still getting going (at least in my head) so I have been focusing on school work. I thought I would post a reading response from my Interpersonal Communication course. Enjoy!

When reading Leading from Within, a certain passage really grabbed my attention. I wasn’t sure to make of it, and, doing what I normally do, I compared it to my Christian upbringing to evaluate the merits of the argument. Palmer, referencing Annie Dillard’s Teaching a Stone to Talk, brings up the value of “rid[ing] these monsters down,” or, in other words, identifying and confronting one’s own personal issues, many of which are unseen by ourselves but apparent to others. The value in this is very obvious to me, with one small caveat: you can’t go it alone. It is a brave thing to do to battle your personal demons, but very dangerous to do unaccompanied. To me, Jesus Christ should be accompanying us in everything we do, especially something as dangerous as journeying “inward and downward.” To best do this, though, I believe we must set our eyes on the heaven, on Christ; “outward and upward.”

As a Christian, everything we do must be focused on Christ, for even if we decided to test ourselves and go it alone, even for a noble cause, it is distracting us from what is truly important, our ever growing personal relationship with Christ. Also, should we find victory in (seemingly) unassisted battle, we may pride ourselves on our own accomplishment. Our own, not ours with Christ. The danger of growing, it seems.

Another thought provoking passage was one which described how people place their identity in what they do, rather than who they are. I found this to be true as recently as this summer: I had no school work, not much volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, and only a summer job; I felt useless. Combine that with staying up to (over) the late hours of the night – or early hours of the morning, depending on how you look at it – and sleeping in, my days felt… empty. I don’t like that. Empty is not a good feeling. I was looking forward to school again because I knew that it would force me to do something again, to be something again. I know that what I do doesn’t change who I am; at least initially. But doing nothing for long periods of time can make you feel like nothing. Nothing begets no one, it seems.

Now, my case of nothingness wasn’t severe in any sense of the word, but I could tell that my mood and demeanor had changed slightly; perhaps more than I know, or am willing to let myself perceive. Now I am back in school and already feeling accomplished. It is a good thing to have a purpose, but it is not the only thing, I think. It is important, but not the end all and be all of human existence, mainly because we could be serving God’s Purpose without ever realizing it; being depressed at our state, when, in reality, we are doing exactly what we should be doing. Look for opportunities, but do not be upset when they don’t readily present themselves; perhaps you are exactly where you should be.

mideals.com (my ideals + deals)

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2008 at 2:35 pm

In short, mideals.com is an internet startup I’m working on.  And by working on I mean thinking about.  Here’s the long and short of it:

Users will create a profile and rank the characteristics of a product or company that are important to them such as: cost, environmental impact of the product and production, consumer health, manufacturer health (workers), animal-testing, wages earned by the workers, costumer satisfaction, organic (for food), the organizations that the company supports, and others.

Once users have picked what is more important to them (their ideals), they search for products that they want, and mideals returns the products that best fit their ideals (the deals).  A portion of the sale would go to an organization of their choice.

The difficult part would be finding he information on products and companies, and then aggregating them into an easily searchable and relatable database.  Another part that would the costumer ratings.  Users would be able to rate different products and companies based on their experiences, and the reviews would have a weight in the overall rating of the companies.

Think of it as amazon, but you tell us what is important to you and we find products that match your beliefs.


A user wants to buy a book from a reseller that supports breast cancer research.  They can set that to be their highest ideal in their profile, or at the time of the search.  We look up the book and find organizations that support any organization that researches breast cancer, and then display the reseller that has the lowest price.  The user buys a book for $25, $23 goes to the reseller – who, in turn, supports the breast cancer organization – and then $1 goes to an organization from us, and $1 to us.

I know this all really rough, but I thought I would put it out there for you to consider and give me some constructive criticism.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Oh, I almost forgot, the motto!  The most important part.  I have a couple, so let me know which you think is best.


  • Your Ideals, Our Deals (sounds too similar)
  • Your Ideals, Materialized
  • Your Stuff, Your Ideals
  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Money, meet Mouth


I think the last one is pretty funny, but not sure how it would do as a slogan.  Actually, I really like ‘Money, meet mouth.’  It’s a little clever, so it is not obvious, but funny once you understand the reference.

Pangea Day

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On May 10th, 2008 the Pangea Day will take place in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro.  What exactly is Pangea Day?  From the site:

Pangea Day is a global event bringing the world together through film.

Why? In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference, and conflict, it’s easy to lose sight of what we all have in common. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that – to help people see themselves in others – through the power of film.

Pangea Day is a 4 hour, world-wide, live event showcasing 24 films from around the world striving to highlight the commonalities that we all share.

What’s the point of Pangea Day?  What happens afterward?  From the site:

People inspired by Pangea Day will have the opportunity to participate in community-building activities around the world. Through the live program, the Pangea Day web site, and self-organized local events, everyday people will be connected with extraordinary activists and organizations.

Many of the films and performances seen on Pangea Day will be made available on the Web and via mobile phone, alongside open forums for discussion and ideas for how to take social action.

A Pangea Day documentary will be created to catalyze future activities, and dozens of talented filmmakers will make strides in their careers.

Seems a bit optimistic, or even naive, right?  While I agree that Pangea Day won’t singlehandedly foster peace throughout the world, I still love the idea.  I know the power of film firsthand.

I’ve felt it the first time I saw the Invisible Children movie.  I’ve felt it when I saw the Mercy and Sharing Foundation Slideshow.  I’ve felt the power that images have over us; I’ve cried for countless hours because of it.  There is no denying the dominance that films have over us, and the power it can unleash within us.

Pangea Day might not change the world, but someone who experiences it just might.

Ideo Big Questions

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2008 at 5:21 pm

I came across this cool website where you can submit your biggest questions that you would like to ask.

From the website:

“Designers begin by asking questions

It’s how we address some of the biggest, most complex challenges facing people and organizations today. This year, in keeping with the 2008 TED conference theme, IDEO posed a series of questions to TED attendees. Broad-ranging and widely relevant, these queries represent themes that inspire and inform our work at IDEO.”

I would encourage you all to visit Ideo Big Questions to submit your own, or download a Big Questions widget for Mac OS X or Windows Vista. Who knows, your question might be displayed for 1000’s of people to see!

What to do…

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I want to do something huge, something big.  I want to do one of those things that you hear about on the national news; make a movement that takes of running.  Something like Invisible Children, or Habitat for Humanity, stuff like that.  I want to be productive right now, but I don’t know what to do. I think I will go read the 2006 United Nations Human Development Report…

Mercy and Sharing Foundation

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I was listening to a World Vision Report podcast just now and I heard an interview with Susie Krabacher, a former Playboy Playmate turned humanitarian, founder of the Mercy and Sharing Foundation. She discussed the difficulties of her childhood and how they have formed her into the person she is today. She is an amazing woman, and I would encourage you all to listen to the interview with her. Let me know if you would like me to email it to you. On the Mercy and Sharing site I found something horrible. Something absurd, something unjust, something disgusting, repulsing, infuriating, something inhumane, something sick something twisted something incomprehensible something… common.

The following slideshow has some intense images, but I encourge every reader that comes across this post to journey out of their comfort zone and into the world. The real world outside of our nice little bubble. Outside of Whitworth, outside of Spokane, outside of Puyallup, of Washington, outside of the United States of America. It’s horrible, and it’s real: it’s our world.

Mercy and Sharing Foundation Slideshow

I have only one thing to say: Jesus did not sacrifice His life for this.

Update: I have misplaced the interview and am having some trouble locating it. I do know that the interview can be found on this World Vision Radio Archive page. Thanks for your interest in the interview.


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As of today, this blog has had 1,008 hits!  I am so excited, and I didn’t think that I would ever receive 42 views in one day (which happened 2 weeks ago).  Thank you all who read this regularly, and thanks for those of you stopping by! I hope you enjoy it.