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Passing on Bad Habits

In Work on April 3, 2009 at 7:02 pm

People are disgusting. Okay, let me explain.

I like working at the Garland, I really do. But one of the worst parts of working there is dealing with the I-only-pay-for-cheap-movie-kind-of-red-necky crowd. Not trying to be insulting, but that is the general vibe I get  from a large portion of the customers at the theater. The type of people that can hold a bottomless bucket of extra buttery popcorn ($4.75) in their lap for 2 hours, but when it comes time to leave they feel they had better leave it tipped over on the floor with the remnants of their oh-so-American ‘meal’ spilled on the floor. Would it really be difficult to get up, while holding the bucket mind you (this is a very important step), and walk to the garbage can and gently place the bucket there? Keep in mind there is a garbage can next to every exit in the theater, so it is not a matter of convenience for them.

The mentality that, as a theater employee, I am there to pick up their mess is bad, but I can deal with that. It is my job to tidy up the 630 seat theater, in 10 minutes no less. Very true. But do you have to make it harder for us? Apparently, the answer is yes. Not only does your popcorn bucket, two large drink cups, four candy bar wrappers, and even the wrappings of snacks we don’t sell, tell me that you are lazy, it also tells me that you think that your time is more valuable than mine. And that may be true. You may be the most important person in the world and you’re late for some life-saving adventure. Awesome. But you aren’t, so take the extra one second (if that) and please put your popcorn bucket in the trash. It would make my day so much easier.

As mad as that makes me, I can deal with it. That is their choice to act that way, and it is my job to clean up whatever mess you make. I’ll live. But what really chaps my hide is that they teach their kids to do the same things. I’m so glad my parents taught me to think about other people (thanks Mom and Dad!) and how to not be a bastard. Pardon my french.

Sorry for the rant, but these people need to think about what kind of adults they want their children to grow into.

Up next: I will count how many cigarettes I have to sweep up in the parking lot every single day. I am really considering counting. It’s that bad.